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113kw Kristina Weiserová
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By 113kw

• Tales from the metaverse home 🏡 • the story of artists, living in gallery, music club and cinema house in Cryptovoxels. Visit at www.nfteurope.club

THIS IS OUR HOME! CLICK VISIT at http://nfteurope.club

How did we celebrate Christmas in our home in Cryptovoxels?

We are people of different background, languages, age etc, very diverse group of people, and we all are very thankful to Snax, from Pizza DAO, who helped us by letting us live in one of his cryptovoxels lands.

Land in Cryptovoxels, one of three most populated metaverses, must be purchased with cryptocurrency ETH. Our home has been build since April 2021 by me, and you can visit it at this link, anonymously, no need to login, just click here:

I would like to show you, what we did there on Christmas. In our metaverse home, we were selling Christmas trees and decorations, for people to purchase from us, and support us.

Jigar, who is 3D artist from India, has prepared a 3D Christmas tree and traditional czech christmas food, according to my instructions. In our country, we eat Christmas fish, and women bake traditional candies, so I wanted to show these these “exotic” traditions to visitors from around the world.

JIGAR from India selling christmas trees

We also hoped, that some people from the metaverse, will stop by, and purchase the Christmas tree, candles, or glass of wine, to decorate their homes. AND IT HAPPENED! People realy did buy our Christmas tree! So we got to see them putting the trees into their parcel and tweeting about it!


visit the Christmas atmosphere in the living room, where I am standing behind the bar

Our dear visitors also learned about funny czech traditions, like keeping a living fish in a bathtub, or different recipes for Christmas candies, because I found some informations about that in english, and linked these sites to the 3d models in our metaverse living room.

find out about christmas fish

If you decide to go there on your own, you can see visit not only the living room, dedicated now to Christmas atmosphere, but also three floors and garden. In each floor are rooms with art exhibitions from different artists. In third floor is cinema, with my 35 minutes long drama comedy movie about parties, drugs and philosophy.

VISIT the cinema and WATCH the movie here https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=NW@420W,167N,7U

If you purchase art from any of the selected artists, 100% of money goes to this artist. As Snax from PIZZA DAO is kindly offering me the parcel to build on, and live there for free, as huge support, I am also not taking any money from people, that have art exhibitions there. We all are just frens from NFT revolution.

HUGE Christmas tree view from the rooftop!

Please, consider visiting us, and purchasing some of our NFTs. Some are on MATIC (so you dont pay gas fees), and some are for prices just 20 dollars. You never know, how big change you can make in our lives, by purchasing just a smol piece from us. And if you decide, to purchase more pricey pieces, the bigger change and help for us, specialy, as some of us are living in countries, where dollar has a different value. You should also check out rarepizzas project, that made it possible for us, to “live and laugh” in the metaverse.

RARE Pizzas NFT collection takes inspiration in first purchase ever payed with crypto, which were two pizzas payed by 10 000 BTC. For this reason, each year is celebrated BITCOIN PIZZA DAY, on May 22nd. Thru 2021, this project helped restaurants all around the world, to get back on their feets, after pandemy hit hard. Rarepizzas collection are 10 000 unique pizzas in pizza boxes, created by 300+ different artists. By selling this NFT was possible to raise hundreds thousands dollars, and give out money to pizzerias in many countries all around the world. These pizzerias made pizzas, that were given out to people in need, in many countries with cooperation with international organization FOOD NOT BOMBS. The food was also given to crypto enthusiasts on crypto education related events. If you have been to NFT.NYC, you have probably eaten pizzas thanks to them aswell!

visit at http://www.rarepizzas.shop

Please check out our home, and check out rarepizzas NFT, who are helping us to be able to present our art!

See you in the metaverse frens ❤

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