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113kw Kristina Weiserová
4 min readSep 2, 2021
Mozhde and Kristina

NFTiology, like biology, but about NFTs, NFT science. The NFT space can be so overwhelming, right? NFT collections drops, artists, metaverses, platforms. So, we decided to put everything we know about it, in some order. One of the leaders has PhD in Biomedical science, the other studied culture history and theory. And as we talked, we got an idea, to study NFTs as a new science field. And at the same time, share our knowledge, experiences, and opinions to the community. That`s NFTiology.

We are planning a lot of various activities, under NFTiology name, and we are starting in September 2021. Right now, you can join our Discord, or you can come to first czech NFT MEETUP on 5th Sep. in Prague, Czech Republic, the country that gave birth to famous crypto projects like Trezor or Somnium Space . The event will be continuing in metaverse, on our cryptovoxel parcel from 15th Sep., thru the whole September.

Join our community, become NFT scientist with us

If you accept our invitation to our Discord, you will see, that is a discord server, where you get additional content if you purchase our NFTs as ticket, and verify yourself with a CollabLand bot. For those just starting with NFTs, there is also possible to pay for membership with PayPal. How exactly to become a member and see exclusive content about NFTs, collections, artists, metaverses, platforms, hot drops, and local NFT meetups?

How to verify in Discord with NFT ownership

First, you choose which one of NFts you would like to purchase. The amount of the cheapest NFTs is limited, who comes first, serves first! But don`t worry, the price starts at 16 dollars for basic, and 30 dollars for VIP membership. After you purchase NFT on opensea, you go to in the discord channel named #🔑verify. In this channel, you write a command !join and than, Collab Land bot sends you a DM - direct message. You open this message - in your discord app, there, where you have private messages. The bot sends you a link, where you login with the wallet address, where you have the NFT. The bot than gives you a higher role in discord, and you are able to see many more channels and the (probably most interresting) exclusive content category, where we share daily drops, and also weekly drops (for VIP membership).

Which NFTs to purchase to get exclusive content in NFTiology discord and on METAVERSE event thru September ?

First option is BASIC MEMBERSHIP, starts on 16 dollars , click here on NFT from 113kw , or you can choose this option click on NFT from Mozhde .

Second option is VIP MEMBERSHIP, and you get MORE informations and you get them sooner. It starts on 37 dollars, and is for the lifetime. Follow this link to purchase NFTiology VIP membership .

Third option you would use, if you are new to all of this, NEWBIE MEMBERSHIP, is for those, who don`t have absolutely any NFTs, nor crypto. Don`t worry, we are prepairing a lot of content for you aswell! How you purchase this membership? Write command donate into #🔑verify channel in Discord, and follow the Donate bot by clicking on the link “Purchase role from this server” . You will be paying with PayPal.

This is how the discord looks for BASIC members. You can also see the verify channel and people verifying themselves.

What do you get as NFTiology member right now

When you get verified in our Discord, you will see a lot of exclusive informations, that we gathered thru our NFT and crypto journey. One of our admin is in crypto since 2010, another our great friend and member is in NFTs since 2019. So we are doing our best to not only bring you informations, but also to be there, if you have any questions. In the Discord is a lot of content for free aswell, but just very basic informations. Maybe, for the begginer, they are enough, but as soon as you realize, you already know these things, you should think about purchasing the membership. We are also sharing tips for hot NFT collection drops. Few days ago, we informed about two collections, that sold out in minutes after launch, and immediately doubled value on secondary market, making it possible to make a profit for those, who were early birds and managed to grab ones from the drop!

We will be announcing much more !

Once we gather enough people in our Discord, we will start doing regular prescheduled online auctions of selected artists NFTs! You can also be one of these artists! Be active in our Discord, and let us see your precious pieces. Join us on the journey, we are starting in the beggining of September 2021! But we have in our mind much much much more plans…. follow us on social medias, as NFTiology, jump into our discord, or catch us in live audio chats on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces!


Leaders of the project: 113kw and CraftByMozhde .



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